Tom Felton Has 'Lots To Look Forward To' In 2011

'Harry Potter' star branches out with 'The Apparition' and 'Rise of the Apes,' making him one of MTV News' 11 for '11.

Over the past week here at MTV News, we've been highlighting 11 people you'll be hearing about in 2011. From Kim Kardashian's plans to take over the pop world to self-proclaimed future "best artist of the year" Wiz Khalifa, we've selected a wide variety of folks who will be making waves and headlines this year.

Now, MTV News is proud to recognize Tom Felton. Yes, he had a lot going for him in 2010, with "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1" and everything that comes along with promoting a billion-dollar film franchise. He also picked up his first Golden Popcorn trophy at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, where he was named Best Villain.

When we caught up with Felton recently, we chatted about why this year will be even bigger than the last, what to expect from his performances in "Apparition" and "Rise of the Apes," as well as an update on his budding music career.

MTV: Have you seen any finished scenes from "Rise of the Apes" or "Apparition" yet?

Tom Felton: They have been very, very tight with both films. I've seen maybe half a scene of "Apparition." We were doing some [audio work] for that, and it looked great. It looked really beautiful, the way it was shot. "Rise of the Apes" they're keeping very much under lock and key, so I'm exceptionally excited. When I was there [during filming], I experienced so many fantastic performances around me. I'm excited to see it come to life onscreen. It's going to be a great film.

MTV: What about the "Deathly Hallows - Part 2" reshoots for that heavily hyped epilogue?

Felton: Believe it or not, I got left off the hook. Apparently, the shot setup didn't require my presence, so I was let off the hook at the last minute. I got all excited about going back, but I heard everything went swimmingly and everything is looking fantastic.

MTV: You once mentioned a brilliant potential scene between you and Dan Radcliffe where you, as Draco and Harry, run and hug. You should make that happen.

Felton: [Laughs.] I may get Dan around here one day this weekend and we may just shoot that ourselves and send it in. It needs to be seen, doesn't it?

MTV: Obviously, we here at MTV News have been fans of yours for quite some time, but it seems like a lot of other people have jumped on the Felton fan bandwagon. Do you feel a sense of that at all?

Felton: I've been exceptionally lucky, with lots of aspects of my life. The people around me have been fantastic, and I feel we're in a great position with some really exciting films to come out this year. I'm enjoying L.A. when I go there as well. That was a bit of a foreign town for me at first, but I'm thoroughly enjoying my time out there, so I'm looking forward to getting out there at some point next year. There's lots to look forward to.

MTV: What's the latest with your music?

Felton: It's all going very well. We're currently in development with a few artists that we're hoping to get out next year and just promote this idea that low-key music can be some of the best. I'm hoping to do some other recording later on in the year. It's a massive passion project of mine, and the fans' response has been fantastic, and MTV has been good to me there as well. I thoroughly appreciate that.

MTV: What can you tell us about working with Ashley Greene (who is also one of our 11 for '11)?

Felton: I was hugely excited about working with her [on "Apparition"], and her talent was exceptionally easy to notice very quickly. One of the first scenes I saw her do, she was in a very sort of panicky state and she jumped straight into it after lunch. It was amazing to see. I thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone on "Rise of the Apes" as well. Andy Serkis to me is one of the most memorable people I worked with this year. He's truly amazing to watch and an absolute gentleman offscreen as well, which is always nice. I've been very lucky in working with nice people.

MTV: Are you still playing golf with your "Potter" co-stars, Rupert Grint, James and Oliver Phelps?

Felton: Yes, most certainly. We haven't teed up in a while, but I'm definitely on for that. We occasionally swing the clubs. It's always nice to get the Weasleys out for a quick round of golf.

MTV: You guys should film that sometime. I'm sure fans would want to see it.

Felton: It's very funny you should say that. I don't want to speak ahead, but we have actually done that, and I'm not sure if James is putting together a little video or if it's going to end up on something — I haven't seen anything yet — but I have a feeling that one day that video may make it to air.

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