Jay-Z Joins Chicken Venture After Dropping 'H.A.M.'

The hip-hop mogul is now an investor in his cousin's Buffalo Boss restaurant in Brooklyn.

After amassing a huge fortune last year via record sales, book sales and several key investments, rap and entertainment mogul [artist id="1269"]Jay-Z[/artist] is winging it — literally.

Just as his "H.A.M." collaboration with Kanye West was dropping on Facebook, news broke that the 41-year-old Brookynite has invested in the Brooklyn-based chicken wing restaurant Buffalo Boss, teaming up with his mother, Gloria, and sister Andrea in the new venture. Keeping things within the family, the fast food joint is currently co-owned by the rapper's cousin Jamar White.

"Yes, it's all true," White told MTV News confirming the news. "Jay supports us in all we do, that's my big cousin right there."

The eatery does more than dole out saucy wings, fries, salads and soft drinks. According to TMZ, Jay-Z and Buffalo Boss recently teamed up to reward exceptional students at a nearby middle school with free eats. (A glance at the Buffalo Boss menu reveals the eatery serves up strictly organic chicken for children and adults looking for healthier options.)

The news that Jigga is investing in a chicken restaurant will come as a mild surprise to some fans as the rapper revealed to Oprah in 2009 that he doesn't eat much in the way of the largely affordable meat as it reminded him of his former poverty.

"We ate a lot of chicken, you know, because chicken's cheap," he said. "We had so much chicken — chicken backs, chicken everything ... to this day, I can only eat small pieces or else I feel funny."