Lady Gaga Impresses Audience At Vegas Trade Show

'It was interesting because she was chill; she was doing her thing,' one insider says of Gaga's appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show.

When Lady Gaga visited the Consumer Electronics Show on Thursday to unveil her latest creation with Polaroid, one insider said the megastar — who was appearing at CES for the second consecutive year — unsurprisingly acted like a consummate professional.

"The vibe was perfectly chill. We were supposed to go live at 3:30, but she didn't come out until 4:05. She pulled an Axl Rose," joked Victor Borachuk, director of the Ustream webcast that covered the event. "There was a huge crowd. Everyone was waiting and waiting and waiting. Nobody really got upset that she was late. Everybody sat patiently and waited, which was interesting."

Gaga, who was on hand to introduce new Polaroid sunglasses that come equipped with cameras imbedded in the lenses, was all business, Borachuk furthered. Despite a lounge area backstage, the singer generally kept to herself before and after her public appearance. "It was interesting because she was chill; she was doing her thing," he explained. "It wasn't diva-ish. She was very laid back."

Aside from the lack of diva antics, Borachuk said he was most surprised by how much Gaga actually knew about the product and that didn't treat it like some vanity project. "She was actually into the technology. I remember thinking, 'Lady Gaga's into the Polaroid cameras,' " he recalled. "Backstage it was cool. There was a full bar, but she was in her room the whole time until like five minutes before she went out. When she was done, she peaced out. It was a cool event.

Last year I heard she didn't make that big of an appearance, but this year she showed up and did her thing."

Gaga herself admitted in a sit-down about the event that she wanted to make sure that the products she put out with the company fit in perfectly with her Little Monsters' lifestyles. "It's been a really long and exciting and grueling and inspiring process with Polaroid, and we've really done everything we can to improve the instant camera to make it new and make it compatible with digital era," she explained. "I wanted to create products that I knew they would love to use."

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