Britney Spears Vs. Lady Gaga: Fans Weigh In

Fans are split between Gaga and Britney as 2011's Queen of Pop.

On Monday, MTV News tried to forecast whether Lady Gaga or Britney Spears will be 2011's ruling diva. And while our experts decided it was sort of a toss-up, commenters on our predictions had very strong opinions on that epic question. With nearly 1,500 posts between the Newsroom blog and the Gaga vs. Britney article, here are the results of fans' votes on the matter.

Spears won the poll on the Newsroom blog with more than 60 percent of the vote. Britney fanatics stated their overwhelming support for the singer. "The one and only legend Britney Spears from past to present, she's the most popular on the planet," Jojo wrote. "We the supporters love Britney Spears a lot. We buy her perfume, CDs ... we are here for her. The legend is coming through."

Daniel wrote, "You never know what to expect from Lady Gaga but I think that THE REAL QUEEN OF POP is back ... TEAM BRITNEY!" Meanwhile, commenter CrazySpears wrote, "I think GAGA is ok but people can never compare her with Britney ... you know Britney is the Queen."

But Gaga's little monsters were also out in full support of their mother monster. "Born This Way will be the album of the decade and that's a fact," Little wrote. "2011 is Gaga's year, again."

Imtherealbatman wrote, "LADY GAGA FTW! Lady Gaga is the shizz dude. She is going to win this war. I LOVE YOU LADY GAGA!" Another Gaga commenter, Carl, added, "WHAT COMPETITION IS THERE !?! Have you not seen the impact Lady Gaga has done to pop culture today?! Bringing dance music back on the scene, creating a buzz by standing up for gay rights, connecting to her fans in a way NO other artist has!?"

In the end, commenter Kyle proposed that it's really anyone's game. "Well, just in case you were saying I'm not a devoted Gaga fan, you're wrong. Born This Way is all I think about. But I love Britney just as much. And neither is superior," he wrote. "They are famous for their own reasons and it doesn't matter what they are. What matters is how much devotion and loyalty they get from fans. Britney's fanbase has been and always will be huge. Just like Gaga's is growing strong."

Who do you think will rule in 2011, Lady Gaga or Britney Spears? Tell us in the comments below!