Flavor Flav To Release Memoir In March

'Icon' will cover rapper's time in Public Enemy and on reality TV.

In keeping with the recent artist-to-author trend that's seen everyone from Jay-Z to Justin Bieber penning books, [artist id="610139"]Flavor Flav[/artist] will release a memoir called "Icon" in March. Published by Farrah Gray Publishing, the book, which has been listed on Amazon.com, will be a 264-page account of everything Flav, from his early days in Public Enemy to his recent years as a VH1 reality-TV star.

According to Amazon's product description, the hip-hop icon will take readers "in vivid detail behind the scenes of his multi-faceted career." Not only will Flav reveal the underlying tensions within Public Enemy and with Def Jam Records, the hype man will also divulge details about his early struggles with addiction and his multiple visits to rehab and jail.

But his memoir isn't all pain and suffering as the 51-year-old star will also give glimpses into recent years, when he reinvented himself as a VH1 reality ringleader, spawning the hit shows "Flavor of Love"

and "Strange Love," alongside Brigitte Nielsen. Straddling the worlds of music and reality TV, Flav presents his take on both of them and describes how he has dealt with the pressure.

On the cover of "Icon," the rapper appears in a red suede jumpsuit with his signature accessory, a big clock hanging from his neck. Rocking matching sunglasses and an unusually stiff afro, Flav slouches underneath another clock chain attached to his bold name stamp.

At press time, Flavor Flav's publishing company had not yet responded to MTV News' request for comment about the memoir.

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