Paramore Taking A Break In 2011 To Record New Album

'We're kind of at the end of this [Brand New Eyes] record but it's bittersweet,' Taylor York tells MTV News.

[artist id="1968732"]Paramore[/artist] are definitely wrapping up the decade on top with a year that included a slew of chart-ruling hits and a huge cross-country trek. So it's not surprising that when MTV News cornered Hayley Williams and Taylor York at the Z100 Jingle Ball red carpet on Friday, they couldn't stick to just one highlight of the year. Instead, they obliged us with a few of their major 2010 moments.

"[There's] been so many big ones," Williams said. "We got to play the VMAs, we went on the biggest US tour we've done to date, played two shows at the O2 arena in London. It's just been like, one thing after another. [It's like a] high climb, and I hope we get to keep climbing for a little bit longer."

York said that the crew doesn't have much lined up for last few remaining weeks of 2010, but revealed they plan to retreat from the spotlight in 2011 to tinker on an upcoming album.

"The year has kind of been topped. We don't have much more for the rest of this year. We're going on a tour in South America and then we're taking time off and we're writing for a new record," he said. Although a new project beckons, York admitted that moving on from the success of Brand New Eyes is a bit difficult. "We're kind of at the end of this record but it's bittersweet."

As Paramore heads off to craft their fourth LP, Williams said they plan to take the same time-tested approach to making new music that proved successful with their previous work. Although their "Twilight" soundtrack smash "Decode" was penned on the road, the frontwoman maintained they prefer to knock out a record at their home base in Tennessee.

"We wrote 'Decode' [while on tour] ... we didn't expect it and then everything happened with that one and so that was good. You never know," she conceded. "We like to do it at home mostly. We like to wait and kind of really focus on the records when we have time off."

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