Paramore Have 'Squeezed Out The Last Drop' From Brand New Eyes

'Playing God' single and video will be the album's last hurrah, Hayley Williams tells MTV News.

As if the scrapbook sentiments of their just-released "Playing God" video weren't evidence enough, Hayley Williams will be the first to tell you that Paramore are officially finished with Brand New Eyes, the album that took them to the brink and back.

"Oh, we squeezed out the last drop last month," she laughed. "We put out 'Playing God' and did a video for it with our friend [director] Brandon [Chesbro], and I feel great. I feel like ... we hit the finish line and we're golden. I love it. I'm proud."

So there will be no more singles from BNE, which was released more than 14 months ago and went gold. In fact, Williams said she knew as much when she began drawing up the "Playing God" treatment with Chesbro — which is why the duo decided to film it at her house in Franklin, Tennessee, and include as many of their friends as possible. It only seemed appropriate, given the sheer amount of personal growth (and intra-band communication) that went into the album's creation, most of which is tackled in the song itself.

"We filmed it at my house, so it was really personal, and I think that's how we like to keep things," she said. "We had friends hanging out on set all day, and Brandon being one of our best friends, he directed it. ... It was just a fun, personal play on the lyrics of the song."

And, of course, there are also plenty of nods to Paramore's past — the swinging light bulb from their "Ignorance" clip, the mirrors that adorn the back cover of Eyes, the old band photos Williams can be seen looking through — and the pop-culture world the band inhabits. It wouldn't be a parting gift without a few presents to unwrap, after all.

"There's a lot of little things for our fans to figure out," Williams said. "Nods to Gaga, with the glasses and the poison, and 'Dexter,' with the plastic on my wall in the basement. Making it was fun. I love it."

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