Drake Is 'Compiling Some Great Raps' For Take Care

Best New Artist Grammy nod is the award that means the most, he tells TheSource.com.

While [artist id="2545682"]Drake[/artist] is still collecting accolades for his debut LP, Thank Me Later — including Grammy nods and the #7 spot on MTV News' Top 25 Songs of 2010 list — he's still got an eye to the future. The Toronto MC recently spoke to TheSource.com about beginning work on Take Care while also looking forward to February's Grammy Awards.

"I'm just back home in Toronto, working like we used to do it," the rapper said. "Set up shop in [producer] 40's apartment. It's really early though, I'm excited. A lot of the stuff that is out there, and rumored about the album is just mostly me being out there with people and realizing what great dudes and what talented people they are."

The lyricist isn't sure who will have a hand in assisting with the project, but he has a few people in mind including DJ Premier. "I mean, I met DJ Premier at Yankee Stadium and I never would've thought that he would want to work, the way he expressed it to me," Drake said. "Me and 40 were just so honored that we are extremely excited to hear what we can all craft together."

Just last month, Drake told to MTV News that he had completed two tracks for the sophomore effort. He also revealed that the project may feature a guest spot from his friend Justin Timberlake.

"My thing is I just wanna spit, man," he told TheSource. "I've really been compiling some great raps, and I just want to get them out. I feel like I have paint cans stored in the room, and I'm just waiting for those producers to bring the blank canvases in, so I can just splash paint and make it a beautiful thing, whoever it may be. At the end of the day, I'm sure it will be something enjoyable to listen to."

It's just that inspiration that has caused fans and critics to take notice, earning the rapper four Grammy nods, including Best New Artist, which Drake called "the one award that means most to me" because "it lets people know how early in our relationship we still are."

So, how does Drake feel about vying against fellow Canadian Justin Bieber for the coveted award?

"I think being in that category with such stiff competition is such a great time marker for me," he said. "It really even reminded me how young I am in this. With me and Bieber, we are two artists that used two new forms of getting discovered. We were found on the Internet in a way more independent fashion [than the] way people used to be discovered. We weren't found in a showcase and signed to a label; we were discovered on a very grassroots ground level tool which now runs the world. We are Internet first artists. To make it from playing an acoustic guitar in your living room, or to make it from 40's apartment to the Grammys, it's one of the most inspiring things of our generation."

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