Black Eyed Peas Were 'Still Passionate' For The Beginning

'For every ending is a new beginning,' says of the band's new album.

The last album the Black Eyed Peas released was called The E.N.D., but the album didn't signify the end for the band, instead it launched the band into a whole new era where they embraced futuristic club jams and became chart-topping sensations. On Tuesday (November 30), the group is hoping to rekindle that magic with their latest release, The Beginning.

"Because the last record was The E.N.D. [and] for every ending is a new beginning that's why it's The Energy Never Dies, " told MTV News on the red carpet of the AMAs earlier this month. "We're still showing you the energy, so let's call it The Beginning."

Just like their last, the Peas wanted this album to express the world around them, Will explained. "The E.N.D. was a zeitgeist of the time, articulating that it's the end of the era," he continued. "We're still passionate about music, so The Beginning [is] utilizing all the technologies, doing new things. Stuff like that, that's The Beginning." said the group — which was just announced as next year's Super Bowl halftime act — also looked at their competitors for inspiration. "Also going out, we try and check out the scene, the city and be inspired by other producers or other DJs, what kind of stuff they're playing," he explained. "So that's how we keep fresh."

Leading lady Fergie explained how easy it was to record while on the road. "I mean you have to realize this album was made on tour," she said. "Basically these guys have hotel rooms with studios in them. Now technology has allowed us to make albums in hotel rooms. They'd leave their doors open, and I'd walk in [and just start singing]."

And even though they've been around the block a few times, Taboo said it's important for them to feel like this really is still The Beginning for BEP. "[We have to] stay hungry and keep wanting to push the envelope," he said. "Don't be comfortable and settle. Will says once you start slacking off, there's someone that's hungrier than you. You have to stay hungry."

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