My Chemical Romance Celebrate Danger Days' Release Live From L.A.

Album-release concert will stream live on starting at 10 p.m. ET tonight!

HOLLYWOODMy Chemical Romance went to the brink and back to make their new album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. So, as you can probably imagine, on Monday (November 22) — the day Killjoys hit stores — they were in the mood to celebrate.

And how did they go about doing that? By buying their album, of course.

"Me and Mikey [Way] went and bought it earlier today," guitarist Frank Iero laughed. "It's kind of a tradition."

And with their very own copies of the album in hand, MCR headed over to the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard, where they'll throw a rather raucous album-release party — they set up a carnival and everything — and play a sold-out show for their fanatical MCRmy. (You can watch it too: My Chemical Romance's "Live From L.A.: Killjoys Make Some Noise" will stream live on beginning at 10 p.m. ET.)

Outside the building, the mood was already electric, as fans lined up around the block to rush the stage. And inside, the mood was about the same: Guitar techs mashed out chords, stage hands hoisted MCR's massive "Killjoys" American flag to the rafters, and the guys in the band, well, they were practically buzzing with excitement. They've already tested Danger Days out on audiences in Europe and the U.K., but on Monday night, they'll debut the songs for fans here in the States. And they couldn't wait to get up on the stage and let it rip.

"Usually, there's an awkward period right before you release a new record ... but on this record, or at least these tours, there's been no awkwardness," Iero said. "It feels like the material has a place, and there's an innate feeling where it's like, 'Man, it feels like I've known this all along.' "

It's a feeling MCR haven't had in a while. They've made it through the hard part, and now, rejuvenated by a brand-new album and a renewed sense of purpose, they're ready to share that feeling with their fans.

"It really feels like freedom. I feel like a totally different individual up there, I feel like I'm really myself," frontman Gerard Way beamed. "I feel like I don't have a giant sandbag on my back. I feel like, it's like pulling a mask [off] and showing somebody who you really are. It's like getting rid of your secret identity."

My Chemical Romance's "Live From LA: Killjoys Make Some Noise" will stream live on beginning at 10 p.m. ET.

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