Weezer Rehearse Long And Hard For 'RJ Berger' Cameo

'We're going to put the music thing aside for a couple years,' drummer Pat Wilson jokes after shooting scenes for MTV comedy.

At this point in their career, [artist id="440"]Weezer[/artist] have the whole acting thing down pat. So much so that they don't even need to see a script. Of course, that's mainly because they usually don't have any lines.

" 'Keep Fishin' ' was probably our acting debut, but we didn't speak any lines in it," guitarist Brian Bell said of their music video with the Muppets.

"Actually, in [the video for] 'Buddy Holly,' I said, 'Thanks, Al,' " drummer/guitarist Pat Wilson laughed. "And we've done all kinds of stuff, like 'Beverly Hills, 90210,' some 'Melrose Place,' old-school, but legit, really."

So basically, they're old pros, and it's probably why they weren't sweating their cameo on a season-two episode of MTV's "The Hard Times of RJ Berger," which they filmed on Monday in Los Angeles. Either that or the fact that all they had to do that day was get up onstage and play a couple of songs — Pinkerton fave "El Scorcho" and current Hurley single "Hang On" — which, really, doesn't require all that much in the way of acting.

But, truth be told, their "Hard Times" guest appearance means a little more to the guys, because of a rather interesting connection between the band and the show.

"Well, they named the high school 'Pinkerton.' The creators of the show, I guess, were fans of ours, and called the high school Pinkerton," Bell explained. "And when we found out about that, it caught our interest about the show in general ... and now we're here playing."

And really, Weezer are liking this gig so much that they're seriously considering switching careers. After all, being in a band is hard work. Acting isn't.

"It feels great to be on an actual show," Wilson said. "We're pretty much going to put the music thing aside for a couple years and go with this."

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