Jeremih And 50 Cent 'Keep It Real Sexy' In 'Down On Me' Video

'We got a lot of sexy ladies, kept it classy,' the 'Birthday Sex' singer tells MTV News on video set.

When Jeremih returned with his sophomore effort All About You, the "Birthday Sex" singer wanted the set to feel familiar to fans and echo the notes he struck on his debut. Now, for his latest single "Down on Me," Jeremih wants the video to match the song's sultry feel.

"The song itself is definitely for the clubs. We wanted to keep it real sexy for the ladies," he told MTV News. "As an artist, there's nothing like hearing your record in the club. The visual, we wanted to make sure when you see the video in the club, it portrays that message. So we got a lot of sexy ladies, kept it classy. ... It's going down."

50 Cent lends his vocals to the track, and the G-Unit boss reiterated Jeremih's claims.

"It's a pleasure to hear great music after you finished in the studio," he explained. "Then you use your imagination and wonder how people are gonna embrace it.

"Me, I got a different approach," the rapper continued. "I'll be like, 'Ah, man, when n---as hear this, they gonna be sick. I'm back, baby!' "

"Down on Me" is Jeremih's second single from All About You, following the slow-burning "I Like." The new song received a boost from 50 spoofing the track during an appearance on Chelsea Hander's late-night show; the rapper appeared with YouTube star Keenan Cahill and lampooned the song in a bit that became a viral hit.

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