Ke$ha's Cannibal Hits The Web

'Listen to it,' singer insists in a post on her website.

[artist id="3213641"]Ke$ha[/artist]'s don't-call-it-an-EP, do-call-it-a-companion-piece Cannibal doesn't hit stores until Tuesday, but since roughly three-quarters of the songs are online already, she's decided to just post the whole thing right now.

Yes, fans can now hear all of Cannibal right now on Ke$ha's website, and all they have to do is enter their Twitter handle, Facebook account or MySpace ID to do so.

"This is my album premiere, and it's top secret, and it's really fun and it's wild," Ke$ha said in a message posted on her site (in which she is rather inexplicably dressed like Maverick from "Top Gun"). "Things are going to get crazy and a little awkward, it'll be okay. Listen to it."

Yeah, seriously, listen to it. Because while most of Cannibal has already leaked — including, of course, first single "We R Who We R," the banging, clanging "Sleazy," the title track and the bumping club track "Blow" — there are still plenty of moments to discover. Look for "The Harold Song," which sees Ke$ha ditch her snarling shtick to lament over a lost love; "Crazy Beautiful Life," where she looks back on how far she's come — from her days as a "sh--ty waitress" to an internationally famous pop star — over a beat lifted from an old NES; "Grow A Pear," a kiss-off to "a dude with a vag"; and "C U Next Tuesday," an angry swipe at a scumbag guy who won't ditch his ex.

Loaded with glitchy beats and coated in a slick lacquer of Auto-Tune, Cannibal follows in the footsteps of Ke$ha's breakthrough Animal but also finds her stretching her legs, both as a songwriter and a singer. It's a companion piece to that album and a capper on the past (very hectic) year of her life. Like Ke$ha said, things get a little bit crazy, and a little awkward, but you should most definitely listen. And then get ready for whatever she does next.

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