Ke$ha Tells 'The Story Of The $' In Funny Or Die Parody Video

Skit traces singer's dollar-sign name back to a pizza-store sign.

[artist id="3213641"]Ke$ha[/artist] is perhaps as well-known for her unusually spelled name as her hard party-girl lyrics and sexy-grunge attire. And thankfully, she seems to have quite a sense of humor about the former. The pop star teamed up with comedy video website Funny or Die to tell "The Story of the $."

In somber, TV documentary tones and dressed in all black, Ke$ha tells the traumatic story of a childhood birthday party at a fast food pizza chain. "I used to be Kesha with an S, instead of a dollar sign, and then one year I had my birthday party at Shakey's Pizza," she says, almost shedding tears. "On the sign, the big sign where they write 'Happy birthday,' they replaced the S with a dollar sign."

After a dramatic reenactment of the sign, the video then turns to Joe Trundle, an employee at the pizza joint, who recalls the day they didn't have any more S letters to hang up. "Yeah, I remember that day," he confesses. "We had a special going on sausage, salami and sundried tomatoes pizza so we were just all out of S's."

Fans get a glimpse inside of Ke$ha's real career aspirations as she reveals, "It ruined my life. I wanted to be a CPA, but you know who H&R Block doesn't hire? People with dollar signs in their name. I pretty much had to be a pop star."

The singer appears relieved when the interviewer brings her back to the same Shakey's Pizza location, in hopes of restoring her proper spelling. But she's met with another unpleasant surprise when the sign shows "KESH4."

"We have an artichoke and anchovy pizza today, so we ran out of A's," the employee tells a heartbroken Ke$ha. After lashing out at Trundle, "Tik Tok," begins to play as the shattered the singer forever known for her dollar sign name gets back into her black limo.

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