Rihanna Reveals Inspiration For Loud's 'Complicated'

'Sometimes men are just too complicated,' she explains to MTV News about song off her brand-new album.

On her brand-new album, Loud, Rihanna sings about the complications of love on a song called "Complicated." She addresses the hardships and misunderstandings two people can have in a relationship over a radio-friendly dance beat.

When MTV News recently caught up with the singer, she explained that "Complicated" is easily relatable to both sexes, even if she's singing about a boyfriend who's hard to read.

"That song, it's not a sex thing," she explained. "It's not like only women can sing this song or only women can relate to this song, 'cause it's an individual thing and sometimes, sometimes men are just too complicated and then again, men can find women complicated.

"But it all depends on the individual," she continued. "Because not all women think love is complicated and not all men think that, but there are some women and some men who strongly believe that love is just too complicated."

And while she can certainly see the man's side of the argument — that women can be just as complex as men when it comes to relationships — she still often finds herself standing by the ladies.

"Women, they're the first to say, 'It's your fault,' but most of the time it is [the man's] fault," she laughed. "But men are also great at turning that sh-- around on us and making us believe that we're wrong for something that we didn't even do. At the end of the day, love is f---ing complicated."

Loud, which was released on Tuesday (November 16), features Rihanna teaming up with Eminem (on a sequel to "Love the Way You Lie"), Drake and Nicki Minaj. After her experimental, darker 2009 release, Rated R, Rihanna also revisits the more pop sound that made her famous.

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