Cher Recalls Holding Lady Gaga's Meat Purse At The VMAs

'Here, Cher, will you hold my meat purse?' singer/actress remembers Gaga asking onstage.

For the Cher fans out there old enough to remember her famous "Turn Back Time" outfit, the fact that the 64-year-old is still able to rock the heck out of that very small piece of fabric stood out as one of the highlights of this year's Video Music Awards.

When MTV News caught up with the legendary diva while she promoted her new movie "Burlesque," we had to ask what inspired her attire that night.

"Well, I wear that every night in Las Vegas, so I just whipped it out. I didn't have time to think of, like, getting a costume," she explained. "So I had it and thought it would just be fun to just take off on myself, not knowing I was going to be handling the meat purse," she said, referring to Lady Gaga's now-famous meat dress and accessory. "But, you know, there's those moments you just remember [forever]," she said with a chuckle. " 'Here, Cher, will you hold my meat purse?' "

For someone who has been in the business for so long, Cher is very down-to-earth about her fame — no matter how big the freak-outs of fans (and a few journalists we watched try to contain their excitement at the "Burlesque" press day). We asked what it feels like to experience such unbridled enthusiasm and love from her fans.

"You know, I would tell you the truth, and it's going to sound so awful, but I'm kind of used to it," she said. "I've been around so long. This guy said, 'My grandmother loves you.' If somebody's grandmother loves you, they've known you for a long time," she said, adding that the fans who have known her via a grandmother or mother have more of a history with her, which translates into being totally starstruck.

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