Jay-Z Signs Jay Electronica To Roc Nation

Mogul announces newest addition to label roster at NYC event.

NEW YORK — There's a new Jay in the Roc Nation camp.

At an event at downtown New York burlesque venue The Box Friday night, hip-hop kingpin [artist id="1269"]Jay-Z[/artist] announced that New Orleans lyricist and Hottest Breakthrough MC of 2010 candidate Jay Electronica is the latest signee to his Roc Nation label.

"My whole goal is to reintroduce magic to hip hop," Jay said of bringing Electronica into his fold. "We watched this wizard do his thing. Y'all supported him. And he's an official Roc Nation signee."

Rocking a black suit, white shirt and black tie, Electronica performed notable e-bangers "Exhibit A" and "Exhibit C" to the packed house. Although he's characterized by his unique and progressive approach to hip-hop, Jay Elect followed in the tradition of many Hov signees before him and threw up the Roc symbol.

"My name is Jay Electronica and my mama is here so you can't tell me sh--," the MC proclaimed. However, despite the moment of bravado, Jay Elect did politely ask his new boss if he could have the floor.

"Hov, permission to speak freely, sir," he queried.

However, the Brooklyn legend made it clear the night was all about "The Ghost of Christopher Wallace" lyricist.

"This is your show," Jay said. "You better get it."

The announcement comes after Jay Elect spent years building buzz on the underground circuit and snagging the attention of hip-hop luminaries such as Nas and Diddy.

The MC is also the latest MC to join the increasingly diverse Roc Nation family, which counts pint-size, swagger queen Willow Smith and Loud songstress Rihanna among its new additions.