Rick Ross Talks 'Veteran's Day' Collabo With Lil Wayne

Miami Don wanted Wayne home before dropping new video for Birdman-assisted track.

[artist id="2000082"]Rick Ross[/artist] is a man of honor.

The Miami Don recorded a video for his Lil Wayne-assisted track "Veteran's Day," but the Boss waited until the Cash Money superstar was released from prison before putting out the track.

"I just wanted to hold it down until the homie came home and celebrate like that with the homie," Ross told MTV News.

Weezy wasn't able to see the final version of the visual before he turned himself in to begin an eight-month prison sentence on Rikers Island in March. Now free, though, Ross said Wayne has had a chance to see the finished product.

"Birdman hit me after we released the video, he bigged up Spiff," Ross said of the Cash Money label head giving props to director Spiff TV. "He bigged up the whole team. This is what we gonna keep doing."

The horn-laden track leaked prior to the release of Ross' Teflon Don album, but he decided to keep the song off of that project. Instead, he held onto the full-length version. (The leak featured only a portion of the track and didn't include all of the lyricists who make the final cut.) Ross said the track is now a gift for fans; he has no plans to place it on a future album or mixtape.

"I had the love to follow through with the video and execute it and deliver it," he explained. "It was a record that I loved, that just didn't make it. A lot of times it just happens like that. This is as far as it's gonna go. It's for the people."

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