Afrojack Says Eva Simons Shines In 'Take Over Control' Video

'I just wanted it to look like a movie,' dance-music producer tells MTV News of desert-set clip.

[artist id="2541133"]Afrojack[/artist] debuted the instrumental of "Take Over Control" at WMC this year, and then in June, the Dutch dance-music producer beamed as he played MTV News a first listen of his completed single, featuring up-and-coming German vocalist Eva Simons.

The single has become a hit in Europe, climbing the BBC Radio 1 playlist groups, and the song is #1 on the Billboard Dance Radio Airplay chart. When we caught up with Afrojack in New Orleans, he was pleased with the song's performance thus far.

"I actually made the song right before Miami, as an instrumental, during Winter Music Conference, and when I played it, everyone went crazy," he recalled. "And then we did the vocals with Eva, and I think we wrote it in, like, 10 minutes. It was that. It just happened."

Fans of the club tune, which also has a remix EP, will be happy to know there is a music video. "We actually shot the video in Death Valley in Nevada, like [in] a desert on an airplane cemetery. Like, old broken planes. Old broken cars, school buses, everything. So it was a great setting."

The video features Afrojack driving an Audi R8 sports car on his way to meet a bevy of scantily clad robots, led by Simons, frolicking on abandoned school buses and plane remnants. Beginning with the first chorus, Simons commands her squad of bionic beauties in a series of sandy, synchronized dance numbers.

"Eva was amazing," Afrojack said. "She was like a superstar doing the dance moves, doing the singing. She was great at it. I'm a producer. I make music. I'm a nerd. So with the video, I was like, 'Take your shine!' It's fun, because she can do the singing and the dancing, and everyone is like, 'Oh! Who is it?' So that's beautiful."

Of course, being behind the wheel of one of the fastest sports cars on the planet, Afrojack was certainly happy to play his part in the video. "I had the R8 for a while in Holland," he said. "And it's one of my favorite cars. It's fast. It's one of the most beautiful cars I've ever seen. I mean, look at it [he points to the R8 behind him]. It's damn sexy, right?"

Afrojack is quite pleased with his first official music video — and so are some folks back in Holland. "I just wanted it to look like a movie. For my mom. For my family at home. So they'd be like, 'Oh, damn. That's a nice movie!' That was the idea. It looked really cool."

Afrojack is touring Brazil but will be making an appearance at New York's Provocateur nightclub Thursday night.

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