Lil Wayne Collaborators Discuss Weezy's Future Plans

T-Pain, Cool & Dre and DJ Khaled dish about what may be in store for the superstar MC from the red carpet of his 'Welcome Home, Tunechi' party.

On Sunday, [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] wrapped up his "Welcome Home, Tunechi" party in Miami and now, fans are anticipating just who the MC will collaborate with in the near future. MTV News hit the red carpet at the MC's South Florida bash to ask rap's glitterati what they'd like to see from Wayne.

"I mean it's hard, 'cause [once] Wayne ... hears the beat, he's gonna speak," said Cool of the Miami-based production duo Cool & Dre, when asked what he'd like from Lil Wayne during a studio session. "The beat is what's gonna ask him what to do."

"I think, the one thing we would do is stand out the way and get out the way," added Cool's partner, Dre. "I'm sure he's got so much inspiration built up right now, what we'd do is give him nothin' but hard-core beats. We got about a good 50 of them waiting for him."

A few years ago, Lil Wayne and fellow Floridian T-Pain not only toured together but had a duet album in the works. Pain says it's only a matter of time before we hear the gems he's got stashed away.

"I mean, we got a gang of songs. We was already doing songs when we was on the I Am Music tour, so we got a lot — but we don't just wanna put out anything," insisted T-Pain. "So we gon' make a good 60 songs and make sure we pick the best out of that."


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When asked if the collaborative project would come before Tha Carter IV, Pain replied, "No, his album should be the first thing — everybody is waiting on that."

Back to Cool & Dre, the duo — like Nicki Minaj's "Right Thru Me" producer Drew Money — set aside Weezy time, if you will, while the rapper sat in prison.

"In October we shut the studio down and said, 'This is "Wayne Welcome Home" month and we gon' get beats every day for Wayne,' " explained Cool. "So, he's got a major catalog waiting for him."

However, not everyone had work on their mind.

"I just want to celebrate with him. All the music stuff, that's what we do for a living, so we always gon' work musically," said Cash Money affiliate DJ Khaled. "Tonight, it's all about the celebration of Wayne — that's it, man."

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