Nicki Minaj Says Lil Wayne Is 'In Great Spirits' Post-Prison

'We couldn't have planned a better takeover,' Minaj says of Wayne coming home as she prepares to drop Pink Friday debut.

[artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] has been [article id="1651495"]welcomed home by fans[/article] and [article id="1651671"]his inner circle[/article] alike in recent days, and one of the MC's most successful protégés, [artist id="3055069"]Nicki Minaj,[/artist] said Wayne is understandably amped with [article id="1651483"]his prison bid behind him[/article].

"He's doing well, he's in great spirits. He's always upbeat," Minaj recently told DJ Skee of Los Angeles' 102.7 KIIS FM. "I'll see him on Sunday, I cannot wait. I just can't wait to ... hug him and stuff."

Of course, Sunday will be the man of the hour at a major bash at Miami gentleman's club King of Diamonds, which Young Money head [article id="1651489"]Mack Maine has promised will be "real elegant" and "extravagant."[/article]


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Since Wayne was locked up while Minaj crafted her forthcoming major-label debut, Pink Friday, the Young Money general wasn't able to put his signature touch on the record. However, the hip-hop diva said she's gonna try to haul Weezy into the studio to crank out some revamps of Friday cuts.

"I think that he's gonna be doing a remix. As he was in jail, he wasn't on Pink Friday, he's not on Pink Friday. So I will definitely want to get his little butt in the studio to do a remix right away," she said.

As far as having Weezy physically back in the YMCMB fold, especially with her Friday drop date nearing, and [article id="1651174"]Drake winding down his Light Dreams and Nightmares Tour[/article], Minaj said the timing for the crew's music domination is just right.

"We couldn't have planned a better takeover," she gushed. "Young Money, Cash Money, I'm really proud of my team right now. Really, really proud."

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