Demi Lovato's Treatment Isn't 'Severe,' We The Kings Say

Frontman Travis King tells J-14 the Disney star 'was completely happy.'

With everyone from co-stars to experts chiming in on the recent news that Demi Lovato is seeking treatment for "emotional and physical issues," it's no surprise that the teen starlet's friend Travis Clark is sharing his two cents.

The We the Kings frontman spoke with


target="_blank">J-14 magazine about his friend and musical collaborator, insisting the rumor mill has spun out of control.

"I saw her a few times while she was on the road when we were in the same cities, and we'd hang out," the singer told the magazine. "It was fun. We had a good time together, and she was completely happy and really outgoing. She was just the Demi that I've always known, and it was totally normal."

Clark said his recent interactions with the Disney songstress indicate that rumors and reports about Lovato have been overly dramatic.

"I know it's not a severe issue," he said. "It's been blown out of proportion, and that can really wear on anybody."

The singer/guitarist revealed to the mag that the duo talk often and said he understands the constant scrutiny that comes with the limelight.

"I speak with her frequently, so I knew [many of the rumors out there] were lies," he continued. "It's tough for any one of us to be in the public eye at all times. If I go missing for a day, people are like, 'He's entered rehab, and he's gone completely off the deep end.' It's a classic 'Don't believe everything you hear' story. Unfortunately, there are a lot of rumors and a lot of lies out there."

The frontman said that despite the ongoing speculation, it's important to be optimistic, noting that it's times like these that will bond Lovato's loved ones together.

"In a positive way, it helps bring everybody together," he said.

"People are there supporting her whether it's real or not. They want her to know that they're there for her whenever she needs it. It's just about how loyal fans are."

In April, Lovato and Clark took their friendship to a new level when they teamed up for a We the Kings midtempo ballad "We'll Be a Dream." The song, written by Clark, served as the band's second single off their album Smile Kid.

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