Lil Wayne's Bloggers Say Fan Site Kept Him Positive webmasters Karen Civil and Karla Moy tell MTV News why they launched site in rapper's absence.

Lil Wayne may have been gone, but the Cash Money Records rapper was hardly forgotten.

We can thank his work ethic for that — he released a bevy of videos and an album, I Am Not a Human Being, while away — but Wayne also owes a debt of gratitude to two bloggers who helped him stay connected.

Through the site, Wayne was able to communicate with fans who wrote to him while he was in prison. Webmasters Karen Civil ( and Karla Moy (, Drake's fan site) worked with Wayne and his camp on the project.

"Going into it, given what his situation was, you weren't really thinking how we were going to keep him hot; everybody was sad he was going away," Civil told MTV News about the blog's origins.

"The first week in, he wanted his fans, more or less — it wasn't about commercial success for him — he just wanted fans to know he was still there and to keep the presence with them," Civil continued. "So, just brainstorming, we put it together. We created the site and then spoke with 'Tez [Wayne's manager, Cortez Bryant] as far as keeping his music out and having the 'Free Weezy' shirts and doing all this stuff."

On Tuesday (November 2), Wayne wrote his 10th and final letter to fans. Weezy thanked them for their support and prayers and relayed that he also prayed for his followers.


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"I smiled like a child on Christmas," he wrote about receiving their letters. "But when I began to read them, my heart smiled."

"Imagine being imprisoned for eight months with the same routine every day," Moy told MTV News. "That's no fun at all. So besides Wayne's phone calls and visits, these fan letters brought life to him. I also believe it motivated him to stay positive throughout his sentence. I can't wait for Wayne to come home."

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