'Glee'-Cap: 'Rocky Horror' Comes To McKinley High

Jim lures a special guest to the MTV News lair for the Halloween episode.

The McKinley High faculty and student body got swept up in the magic of [article id="1650911"]"The Rocky Horror Picture Show"[/article] this week, and the risqué production brought out everybody's wild side. Finn overcame his body-image issues with a half-naked stroll down the hallway, Mercedes stepped up to a lead role, and Mr. Schuester struggled with jealous rage as Emma and Carl's relationship got even more serious.

But most important, the "Rocky Horror"/ "Glee" fever spilled into the MTV Newsroom. Check out the latest star-studded musical "Glee"-cap embedded below, and sing along with Jim's new lyrics!

[Jim sings a parody of "Dammit Janet," music and original lyrics by Richard O'Brien]


Hey, "Glee"?

Yes, Jim!

I've got something to say

I really loved the skillful way

You worked in "Rocky Horror" today

And kept the story moving anyway


He stole Schuester's girl and he's famous (Stamos!)

A dentist in which you can blame most (Stamos!)

He's driving Will nuts with his vain notes (Stamos!)

She wants to grab his hot potatoes, Stamos, Will hates you

Will makes the school play "Rocky Horror"

'Cause Emma thought it was the best

Sam plays the stud, but then it's over

Will recasts himself so he can flex


Let's speed this mother up!

Aw yeah, it was "Rocky Horror Picture Show" night on "Glee," you guys. And you know what that means! With stunt episode comes stunt casting. So, on that note, ladies and gentlemen, "American Idol" winner Kris Allen!

[Kris Allen enters, sings a parody of "Hot Patootie — Bless My Soul," music and original lyrics by Richard O'Brien]

It's Halloween so you know tonight

That there are costumes and spooky lights

The school play's "Rocky Horror," Sue puts up a fight

She thinks it's inappropriate, and that ain't right!

[Jim and Kris sing together]

Sue Sylvester, why so cold?

The glee club just wants to rock and roll!

Sue Sylvester, it's getting old!

The glee club just wants to rock and roll!

Sue Sylvester, you should fold!

The glee club just wants to rock and roll!

Sue Sylvester, why so cold?

The glee club just wants to rock and roll!

[Jim spoken]

Thank you, Kris Allen! His new single is "Alright With Me!" Check it out on iTunes.

[Jim sings a parody of "Touch-A-Touch-A-Touch-A Touch Me," music and original lyrics by Richard O'Brien]

Brad was played by Finn, he couldn't win

He had to strip and he was scared

He put up some resistance, his physique lacked some fitness

Then he walked down the hallway, showed off his thickness

Schuester lost his mind to win Emma's hind

His actions shook him to the core — core core core

Mercedes gender-bended, and she sang oh so splendid

But Sue is sabotaging, out for Will's ending


Watch-a watch-a watch out, "Glee"

Sue wants an Emmy

Double agent to screw "Glee"

She's always out to fight

Cancel cancel cancel "Rocky"

It's making peeps crazy

What-a what-a catastrophe

It isn't feeling right

In the end, Mr. Schuester lets the glee club perform "Rocky Horror" just once, and only for themselves. Because, face it, all those extras in the audience would be really friggin' expensive.

[Singing again]

And that was "Glee!"

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