Audrina Patridge, Aubrey O'Day Consider Snooki Halloween Costume

'I love her. ... The hairspray! The bump!' O'Day raves to MTV News about the 'Jersey Shore' star.

Halloween is only days away, and that means Hollywood will be turning out their best cat, French maid and vampire costumes and hitting the town. But this year, there's another option for starlets to try out: Out of all the "Jersey Shore" ladies, La La Land's choice is Snooki.

"Snooki's my favorite. I love her. ... The hairspray! The bump!" Aubrey O'Day raved, with fellow MTV star Audrina Patridge adding, "Snooki's probably the most distinctive."

Her "Hills" pal Stephanie Pratt couldn't have been more excited by the prospect of being the girl formerly known as Nicole Polizzi for the spookiest holiday of the year. "Snooki's the easiest, so probably Snookers," she laughed. "I love the poof. I love the hair teasing. I don't know why it has a bad rep. Whenever I get my hair done, I'm like, 'Tease it!' "

Heck, even guys like singer Robin Thicke are looking to Snooki for a good Halloween costume. However, Snooks' bestie, JWoww, gave some advice on how to be the perfect Vinny for guys who aren't looking to poof their hair.

"Vinny has the look," she said. "It's not like the costume. It's the look, so he has the one eyebrow like the Ace Ventura. It's all about that with the glasses. Depending on him right now, he's a little pale, so you don't have to worry about the tan," she laughed. "Love you, Vinny!"

Which "Jersey Shore" character would make the best costume? Share your Halloween ideas in the comments below!