'Social Network' Star Armie Hammer On Newfound Fame, Oscar Hype

'The reaction we've been getting is insane,' actor tells MTV News.

David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin were convinced they could find two Adonis-esque twins with acting chops. "The Social Network" director and the film's scribe thought for sure two such actors were somewhere out there, and that each would be able to play one of the film's real-life Winklevoss twins. But as the start of production approached, they finally had to scrap that notion and opt for just one Adonis — and a whole lot of CGI trickery.

"They were looking for twins for a long time," said Armie Hammer, the 24-year-old who got, well, both jobs. "The process for me was a little easier. I think I came along when they were starting to get desperate, and they were like, 'We just need someone who's 6'5,' and I'm like, 'I'm 6'5,' and they were like, 'Perfect!' "

It wasn't the first time Hammer found himself in a wacky casting position. Back in 2007, he was tapped to play Batman in "Justice League," only to see the film collapse in the midst of the writers' strike and an inability to get a tax break from the Australian government. This time around, he kept his job — and he's being talked about as a potential Oscar nominee in the Best Supporting Actor category. His public profile, needless to say, has never been higher.

"The reaction we've been getting is insane," Hammer told us when he stopped by the MTV Newsroom recently. "I first got into New York yesterday, and I was walking to go buy a hot dog at a street meat cart, which is the first thing I do whenever I come to New York. Some little old lady comes running up to me and says, 'Ah, ah, here!' and she hands me a bag of the little peanuts, and she's like, 'I love "Social Network" movie, good, good, good!' And then she runs away. And I'm like, 'Wow, this movie thing is working out. I'm getting free peanuts!' "

He'll also be getting a free trip to the Oscars, as "Social Network" is expected to garner a slew of nominations, from Best Picture to Writing. And the fact that Hammer might get a nod himself blows his mind.

"It's crazy. It's very insane," he said. "I feel honored, but at the same time I understand I'm riding on the extremely long coattails of David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin."

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