Taylor Swift Doesn't Need Speak Now To 'Top' Fearless

'I really, really pushed myself in making this album,' Swift tells MTV News about her latest release.

Taylor Swift released Fearless way back in the fall of 2008, hitting the top of the charts and seemingly taking home every prize in town. Now she's back with her third album, Speak Now, but the singer says she's not going to worry about whether her latest will measure up to the enormous success of her sophomore LP.

"Well, being a natural over-thinker and over-analyzer of life in general, I've kind of thought about all of that and, of course, the questions are always, 'How are you possibly going to top Fearless?' And, you know, the only thing that I can possibly do in life is live life, take it as it comes at me," she explained to MTV News. "Try to process it the best way I can and make music that I'm proud of."

With two years having passed since the album's original release, we asked Taylor what she thinks of Fearless now.

"I look back on Fearless and I'm proud of it. I mean, that album is a beautiful collection of memories from when I was 16, 17 and 18," she said. "And I appreciate everything I was able to do with that album and everything that was awarded to that album. I'm never going to have the unfair mind-set that I'm competing with my past work because it's just not fair to do that to yourself."

As for Speak Now, Swift said she wrote many of the songs in the heat of the moment, as responses to specific experiences. But that doesn't mean she didn't suffer writer's block every once in a while.

"I've experienced everything you can possibly experience while writing this album," she said. "I really, really pushed myself in making this album, so not everything flows out perfectly. Sometimes you have to really search your mind."

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