Kanye West Reveals My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Details

'We got a few bonus tracks, like 'See Me Now,' 'Mama's Boy' and some bonus tracks after that,' Kanye says of forthcoming album.

Kanye West has a warning to all bootleggers, hackers and any fans who think they know what 'Ye has in store for his next LP just because of the tentative My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy track list that hit the Web. West said the songs that have leaked online don't sound anything like the versions that will actually be released on the album.

When asked on Saturday which track is his favorite, West replied, "I can't say right this instant, because we're still mixing them. And we got a few bonus tracks, like 'See Me Now,' 'Mama's Boy' and some bonus tracks after that. There's like 13 or 14 songs ... maybe 'Chain Heavy' will be on there. We have to make a decision by tomorrow. So there's maybe 13 or 14 tracks, but they're way produced. Far from any bootleg, far from any hacker. A hacker, man, can't give you what I can give you once it's the whole product."'

So far, Kanye has only officially released "Power" and "Runaway," although numbers like "Monster" and "Devil in a New Dress" have seen the light of day as a part of his G.O.O.D. Friday series. "Lost in the World," however, leaked without his permission and he threatened to temporarily cancel the weekly music series as a result.

In the past, the rapper has tweaked his tracks endlessly up until the last minute before he had to turn the songs over to be pressed for distribution. For "Stronger," he reworked the drums over and over, even after a video was released featuring the track. He eventually brought in Timbaland to assist with the programming.

In 2007, T-Pain talked to MTV News about West's process and was amazed at how the producer brought material like "Good Life" to, well, life.

"All I recorded for that song was hooks," T-Pain explained. "We did five different versions [of the chorus]. And when you hear that 'And my grandmamma ain't the only [girl] calling me baby,' that was a hook. Kanye put all them hooks together and created that song. When I heard the finished version, I was like, 'This dude is a genius.' "

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