Taylor Momsen's Pretty Reckless Rocks Downtown NYC Crowd

'Gossip Girl' starlet and band play 'Make Me Wanna Die,' 'You' and other tunes at fashion show afterparty.

NEW YORK — Taylor Momsen's The Pretty Reckless pulled off a pretty entertaining gig that impressed many of NYC's too-cool downtown set.

The 17-year-old "Gossip Girl" star, who's traded in the tony threads of the hit TV show's wardrobe department for a grungy, punky alter ego, seems to have gotten past the actor-turned-singer curse, leaving a positive impact on fickle fashionistas at the Paper magazine and Express fashion show afterparty Thursday night.

Momsen helmed her four-piece band in a Courtney Love-meets-Lolita look, complete with a shredded black T-shirt, thigh-high stockings and sky-high platform shoes with heels fashioned in the form of pistols. With her eyes ringed in her now-signature dark liner and her pout doused in blackish lipstick, Momsen played the part of angsty rock chick well, ripping through songs like the Reckless' debut single, "Make Me Wanna Die," and eliciting "she's awesome!" exclamations from the fashion-forward crowd.

Sporting waist-length, stringy blonde locks and a glittery necklace that spelled out "Slave," the lanky Momsen fronted the Reckless as the outfit played the dive bar-turned-cool kid hotspot Don Hill's for about 40 minutes. Instead of adhering to the well-worn go-backstage-and-wait-for-cheering encore fake-out, Momsen declared that the band would play one last song, "You," before signing off. The tune started mellow, with Momsen mostly crooning into the mic — a performance which would have been a decidedly chill ending to a group dubbed Pretty Reckless. However, midway through the number, the band ramped up the BPM from mellow to metal and Momsen finished out the track with melodramatic jerks of her blonde mane while crouching down at times.

Despite declaring that "You" would end the set, the Reckless really finished up with the torcher "Nothing Left to Lose," which saw Momsen busting out more of her drowsily rebellious neck snaps as the collective rode out the languid tune. With Momsen now seeming to favor the rugged punk scene over her lavish onscreen world, she's showed a fair amount of promise to be recognized not just for her Hollywood celebrity, but for her ability to rock the hell out as well.

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