Kristen Stewart Says 'Welcome To The Rileys' Is 'Perfect' For Twilighters

'One thing that is relatable ... is the whole idea that, unless you respect and like yourself, nobody else is going to,' she tells MTV News.

Despite the fact that she was offered a job at a strip club during the filming of her new movie "Welcome to the Rileys" (an offer she turned down, obviously), Kristen Stewart was eager to step away from the troubled runaway-turned-stripper character she plays in the film.

"It was an incredibly impactful experience," Stewart told MTV News recently. "But at the same time, it's not like I was incredibly altered at the end of it. It's hard to relate to this story, because I couldn't have had a more different upbringing. I can't relate to the kind of loss and weird incomplete feeling or whatever."

Stewart said one thing she was able to wrap her head around — and something she found to be somewhat universal — is the importance of self-respect and self-worth.

"One thing that is generally relatable and I found is perfect for young girls — 'Twilight' fans, actually — is the whole idea that, unless you respect and like yourself, nobody else is going to," Stewart said. "It's always been really easy for me to do that," she admitted, before backpedaling a bit. "I hope that doesn't sound totally f---ing arrogant, but I've always been lucky. ... For so many people, it's so difficult to do that."

Stewart added that, troubled character and all, she had a great time making the film and is really proud of her work in it. "I've totally stepped away from that [feeling of loss and incompleteness, but my character is] also really funny," she said. "As heavy as those ideas are, it was fun playing her, because she's crazy."

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