Justin Bieber 3-D Movie Poster: The Pieces So Far!

With a little help from Usher, Ryan Seacrest and Ellen DeGeneres, MTV News plays along to uncover film's title.

On Wednesday morning, Jon Chu, the director of Justin Bieber's 3-D movie, took to his Twitter to send all the Beliebers on a hunt for the pieces of a puzzle that make up the film's poster, which will then also reveal the title.

Nearly a day and a half later, all the pieces of the puzzle have yet to be revealed, but MTV News has been endeavoring to play along. We can't wait until the official reveal on Friday.

The pieces so far have been unveiled by a number of celebrities, including Ellen DeGeneres, Usher, Ryan Seacrest and Perez Hilton. Members of Bieber's inner circle, like manager Scooter Braun, and various other Twitter feeds run by British celebrity magazine Heat and the Bieber Army have also revealed some clues. Chu even got into the fun, revealing the first piece of the puzzle. If you want to play along, follow the #JBValentinesDay hashtag.

What did DeGeneres have to say about her contribution to the dizzying treasure hunt? "I'd recognize those lips anywhere," she wrote. "@JustinBieber - heres another piece of the puzzle, Beliebers."

As for Usher, he had one key piece of the Bieber look to share with fans. "So apparently some guy named @UsherRaymondIV has tweeted Piece #8," Chu shared about Usher's contribution. "Could that be the hair?! Only a few more to go!"

Heat added: "Justin Bieber fans, here's our very special piece of the Justin Bieber Poster Puzzle... enjoy! @JustinBieber #JBVa." The mag later added, "Not a fan of Justin Bieber, then move along."

America's very own reformed gossip gangsta, Perez Hilton, revealed his own piece of the puzzle. "Found Piece #5!!! @perezhilton had it!!" Chu said. "Of course. Oh and it IS a good one. check it out."

And then the Bieber Army got in on the action, tweeting its own piece to the puzzle: "Here is puzzle piece #4! Look out for more to complete the @JustinBieber 3D movie poster!"

Braun initially played coy about his piece. "So i see @jonmchu and @ryanseacrest have pieces of the new @justinbieber movie poster revealing the title. maybe I have one. Interesting," he wrote before spilling the beans. "Ok ok here is the next piece. What's the title of the @justinbieber Movie @jonmchu?? AW C'MON!!"

Chu noted that things were getting interesting when Ryan Seacrest got into the action with his piece. He tweeted: "Now here's piece #2 of the @JustinBieber movie poster."

However, it all started with Chu. "GAME ON!" he wrote Wednesday. "@justinbieber MOVIE POSTER/TITLE REVEAL BEGINS Collect ALL the pieces 2 UNCOVER."

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