Drake Insists 'Love Is Louder Than Anybody's Negative Voice'

Trey Songz adds: 'Love is louder than anything imaginable — hate, bullying, jealousy.'

Drake first shot to fame as a castmember of the teen soap "Degrassi: The Next Generation" and then toiled for years on the mixtape circuit to prove himself as a formidable singer and MC. Having portrayed a high schooler who battles all types of drama on TV and then successfully making the often-attempted jump from screen star to respected recording artist, Drizzy is likely familiar with a variety of criticism from detractors and doubters.

The hip-hip phenom has a message for young people embroiled in their own battle against haters, whether it's snarky comments from a frienemy or someone insisting you can't accomplish something.

"Love is louder than anybody's negative voice," said Drizzy, who is one of the latest celebs to add his voice to MTV, Brittany Snow and the Jed Foundation's Love Is Louder campaign. "Keep doing you."

Drake's "Successful" collaborator Trey Songz has also declared that love is loud enough to drown out any form of negativity.

"Love is louder than anything imaginable — hate, bullying, jealousy, anything. Love can conquer all," Songz said. "If you learn to love, you learn to live a better life, so I encourage you to do so."

In light of recent teen suicides linked to anti-gay bullying — specifically the death of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi — MTV partnered with Snow and the Jed Foundation (with support from DoSomething.org, the Trevor Project, Reach Out, Active Minds and the Ad Council) to create Love Is Louder and help spread messages of love and hope to teens who feel they might have run out of options.

Check out the Love Is Louder Facebook page for more information. You can also upload videos to Your.MTV.com, just like Jonathan Bennett, Snow and Vinny Guadagnino did. Keep the conversation going on Twitter by using the hashtag #loveislouder.