Linkin Park's 'Waiting For The End' Video: Watch A Preview!

Full clip from A Thousand Suns single premieres Friday.

[artist id="960856"]Linkin Park[/artist]'s A Thousand Suns is an album full of musical left turns, and perhaps none are as, well, "left turn-y" as "Waiting for the End," a song that's one part soaring, big-boned ballad, one part rattling, slightly Ragga dancehall toast, and zero parts anything LP have previously attempted.

In keeping with the spirit that's guided the band throughout the Thousand Suns cycle, Linkin Park have chosen "End" as the album's second single. And, we've got a sneak peek at the video.

Directed once again by bandmember Joseph Hahn — who did LP's last video, for "The Catalyst," and pretty much every excellent clip they've ever made — "Waiting For The End" conjures up the same murky, mercurial feel as "The Catalyst" clip, only there's an austere beauty to it too. Hahn shoots his LP-mates in somber monochrome, then covers their bodies in grids of interlocking, vaguely astral projections, giving the whole thing an intimate, hand-drawn feel, while, at the same time, building on the band's long-established fascination with all things tech-y and Gundam. (See, A Thousand Suns detractors: They're still the same band!)

It's a look they've obviously been working on for a while now: When LP played in New York last month, most of the visuals projected behind them also meshed man and machine. So, if you like what you're seeing in the "End" video, chances are you're gonna love their upcoming North American tour.

The full "Waiting For The End" video premieres Friday morning on, and on MTV that night (at 7:56 p.m. ET, to be precise). But, since we know waiting sucks, have a look at this exclusive 30-second clip right now.

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