'Social Network' Director David Fincher Is 'Unapologetic,' Stars Say

'Anyone who loves movies loves David Fincher,' Justin Timberlake tells MTV News.

It seems the excitement around "The Social Network" is at a fever pitch. And at the New York premiere of the David Fincher-directed flick about the founding of Facebook, stars Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake couldn't help but sing the director's praises.

"I think that anyone who loves movies loves David Fincher," Timberlake raved. "He forces you to watch the movie smartly. He's unapologetic. The thing I got out of it was what an actor's director he is. ... He's sort of helping us develop this story."

Eisenberg weighed in on Fincher's incredible eye and the look that he gave the flick. "He brought an incredible aesthetic to this movie that you might not expect from movie about Facebook or a movie written by Aaron Sorkin, who's known for these incredibly clever characters and really amazing dialogue. There's a really strong aesthetic. "You'll see the characters are very complicated ... and he lets the actors really find that in a luxurious way."

The same way Eisenberg and Timberlake are raving about Fincher, critics have been falling in love with the flick, which Timberlake has said will "split" viewers. "I can tell you, you don't make a movie hoping that people don't like it," Timberlake joked, with Eisenberg adding, "Although that seems to always happen. I don't know why!"

So why has the flick been garnering so much buzz? "I think that something as big as social networking ... it becomes a phenomenon," Timberlake mused. "And I think this movie having that as a catalyst [allows] our characters to create some great drama."

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