The Situation's 'Dancing With The Stars' Skills: Ronnie Weighs In

'Mike has legs, so does a chair — it doesn't mean the chair can dance, right?' 'Jersey Shore' castmate quips.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino barely escaped with his reality-show life Tuesday evening on "Dancing With the Stars." Only Michael Bolton and his gangly jive saved Sitch's hide from elimination, as the "Jersey Shore" star will live to toe-tap another week.

Perhaps the Situation has one of his castmates to thank, because Ronnie has vowed to vote for his roommate — regardless of his actual dancing talents.

"I'm going to support him in every way," Ronnie told MTV News. "I'm going to send him a text, the vote text. I'll vote for Mike.

"I'll send, like, three texts — it's like $1.50," he added with a sly smile. "How much you really want me to spend on you, Mike?"

On second thought, the Situation might want to hold off on a thank-you and tell Ronnie to start texting votes with the same enthusiasm he reserved for flirting with Jell-O-shot-serving waitresses early this season on "Shore." But Ronnie might not be so convinced Mike has what it takes to win "DWTS."

"Mike has legs, so does a chair — it doesn't mean the chair can dance, right?" Ronnie reasoned.

Ouch. Ronnie's off-and-on gal pal Sammi was considerably more kind when we asked her about the Situation's skills. "He can't really dance, but I know he can fist-pump," she said during an earlier interview.

"We'll support him," Vinny told us.

And that's exactly what Ronnie made clear to us too. After all the good-natured razzing he threw the Situation's way, he told us he'll be pulling for his roomie to win.

"I know he's going to try his best and do the best of his ability, and he's going to represent the 'Jersey Shore' family," he said.

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