Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Enters Rehab

This is Lohan's fifth attempt at rehab.

Less than a month after checking out of a court-mandated stint in rehab, troubled actress [movieperson id="207177"]Lindsay Lohan[/movieperson] has reportedly moved into yet another live-in rehab center Tuesday (September 28).

TMZ reported that Lohan, 24, arrived at an unnamed Southern California facility on Tuesday, where she is expected to remain until an October 22 court hearing on a probation violation. The latest attempt at sobriety marks the fourth time that Lohan has logged time in rehab to beat her addictions. A spokesperson for the actress could not be reached for comment at press time.

The latest turn in Lohan's life caps a wild 10 days, during which the "Mean Girls" star admitted to failing a court-mandated drug test and was unexpectedly sent to jail during a court appearance Friday. Her stint behind bars was brief, however, as she was released 14 hours later after posting $300,000 bail.

Judge Elden Fox had originally ordered Lohan to go to jail without bail until her upcoming October court date, but Lohan's lawyer successfully argued that her client deserved to post bail. At the next hearing, Fox will rule on the actress' punishment for two failed court-ordered drug tests. Lohan has admitted to one failed test, reportedly due to the presence of cocaine in her system, and TMZ has reported that she also failed another test recently, possibly due to the presence of the methamphetamine-like prescription ADHD drug Adderall in her system. After leaving jail Friday, Lohan was once again fitted with a SCRAM alcohol-monitoring bracelet and ordered to avoid venues where alcohol is the "chief item of sale."

Lohan served 13 days of a 90-day jail sentence in August tied to a probation violation from a pair of 2007 DUIs followed by 23 days of a 90-day sentence in rehab.