Baby Talks Lil Wayne's Birthday And New Album

'We pop bottles for him while he's gone,' he tells Mixtape Daily.

Executive Decisions: Birdman

Last year, Birdman handed over a sachet with $1 million in cash to his son Lil Wayne for his birthday. But on Monday (September 27), Wayne's 28th birthday, the #1 Stunna can't celebrate with his loved one like he wants to. Wayne is still incarcerated on Rikers Island.

"It ain't kicked in," Baby told MTV News. "My family, I like to do things for him for his birthday, you hear me? This the first time we not gonna get a chance to do that. But he is putting a new album out called I Am Not a Human Being. We pop bottles for him while he's gone."

Wayne's album landed online Monday; 10 songs are being sold digitally, and on October 12, a physical copy of the album will land at retailers. That version has 13 tracks.

"When Wayne do what he do, he takes serious pride in his work," Birdman told us in Miami last week for the kickoff of Drake's Light Dreams and Nightmares Tour. "Nothing we do is half-stepping or half-cocked. I think it's a great album. To me, he's switching back. This album has no Vocoder; he's back to raw rap. He's just rapping how he's feeling. He's a genius, so the music is always gonna be great. He wanted to put I Am Not a Human Being out to show people he's always in the building. Every album we put out, we're going to do the most. We're gonna go for it. We're never gonna come half- cocked. You expect to see a lot, you gonna get a lot. It's a great album."

Wayne has exactly 39 days left on his sentence until he comes home November 4. Birdman said he'll most likely go see his family right away.

"That's my son. I love him. You always gonna miss a loved one. At the same time, we doing what we have to do," the Cash Money CEO said. "Work hard. We all excited he's about to come home. He's happy. He wanna get out that place. That ain't no place for him to be. Everybody is energized that he's coming home. He walked the little walk. That was a left turn in our life. We wasn't expecting nothing like that."

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