Exclusive: Rick Ross Responds To Sex-Tape Rumors

'All the sexy ladies hitting me up on Twitter saying they want to shoot a real porno,' he laughs to MTV News.

[artist id="2000082"]Rick Ross[/artist] had a good laugh on Thursday when an alleged sex tape of his surfaced on the Net. The tape in question showed a husky man with a thick beard doing the nasty.

Ross immediately sent out a tweet declaring it was not him on the footage. "Just saw the so called sex tape.. the n---a had a [Louis Vuitton] flag in back pocket but forgot the tattooes..#fail."

On Friday morning (September 24), upon landing in Dallas, the Bawse called MTV News and had another good laugh about the would-be scandal.

"Nah, man. Actually, all the females are hitting me on Twitter," he said. "It's actually funny and flattering to know fat n---as getting pu--- all around the world. Spiff TV pulled it up on the laptop. When I saw the screenshot of it and saw the first few seconds of it, I was like, 'Damn. My mom taught me when I was young, never lay on hotel spreads.' They was laying on some cheap-ass hotel spreads that had probably had all kinds of sh-- on it, because they don't really wash the spreads as often as they do the sheets. So that was what I laughed at. Then I noticed homie really ain't have none of my tats. All the real Rozay fans know what time it is.

"The n---a had a Louis flag in his pocket, which we started rocking last year," Ross added. "But, you know, I've had tattoos well over a decade. So I just laughed at it. But it's funny. All the sexy ladies hitting me up on Twitter saying they want to shoot a real porno with a n---a. I'm, like, buggin'. Shout-out to fat boys getting pu--- worldwide. ... But when it comes to the person on the tape, who they really are, they can send me a little check."

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