Selena Gomez Says Fans Inspired A Year Without Rain

Disney star says her supporters 'deserve the spotlight as much as I do.'

[artist id="3079282"]Selena Gomez[/artist] already has a stamp of approval from Taylor Swift for her new album, A Year Without Rain, and now she's hoping her fans are equally delighted with the record, which dropped Tuesday (September 21).

In fact, she had her fans in mind for every decision and detail in the album process.

"[I named the album after my single] because it's the name of the first song I recorded to put on the record. I feel like that song has a lot of meaning, and it also kind of was the start of what I wanted to base all the other songs around," she told MTV News. "I mean, even down from putting the track listing and numbering it, I wanted to make sure I envisioned [fans] putting it in their car or putting it on their iPod and how I wanted them to listen to the record."

Many of the songs on A Year Without Rain are inspired by Selena's dedicated fans. "I wanted to make sure it made people feel good, but I also dedicated a couple songs to my fans, because there were moments onstage that I wish I could give to them, because they mean so much to me," she explained. "So there are songs like 'Intuition' and 'Spotlight' that are specifically for my fans and a way of saying, 'I get to live such a great life, but you guys deserve the spotlight as much as I do.' "

Gomez said the album can be enjoyed at home or on the dance floor. "I think you can see that it's more of a dance/techno vibe," she said. "I wanted it to be a feel-good record."

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