Fantasia Pole Dances On 'Fantasia For Real 2' Premiere

Singer preps for new album release and heads to London in second-season kickoff.

In the weeks surrounding her August suicide attempt, Fantasia Barrino has arguably went through the toughest time of her young life. On the second-season premiere of VH1's "Fantasia for Real," however, the former American Idol's fighting spirit is on full display as she preps for the release of her third album, Back to Me.

The episode kicks off with Fantasia celebrating her newly empty house in Charlotte, North Carolina, after her mother and brothers moved out. She tricked out the mansion with a new game room and a brightly colored playroom for her daughter, Zion. While the songstress appeared to revel in her drama-free domesticity, she did have an album to promote, so she jetted off to New York City to work some breezy looks in a photo shoot.

The pressure was on for 'Tasia's next album to be a smash. Manager Brian Dickens mentioned in the episode that her upcoming effort could determine whether she's just a recording artist or an "icon." The singer said the feedback she'd been getting so far was positive and she just wanted "the whole world to feel like that."

So, in order to become an international big deal, Barrino had to head across the pond to connect with her London fanbase. But first, she got a visit from family.

When Aunt Bunny came to town, 'Tasia complimented her weight loss and then dragged her to a workout sure to get the blood pumping: a pole-dancing class. The two worked exercises like the "loopty loop" and "spread eagle," moves that prompted Bunny to throw a side-eye and declare, "You too comfortable on the pole!"

Faced with the slew of tabloid headlines about the singer's supposed dalliances with a married man, Bunny and Fantasia's mother grilled the singer about her love life. Fantasia denied rumors that she broke up her "friend's" union, insisting, "I come from a home that was wrecked," and maintaining that she would never wreak the same havoc on another family. The confrontation eventually forced her to tears. She later called her love live "touchy" and added, "There's some things going on, but it's not what you think, and I'm just not ready to talk about it."

Bunny also checked up on Fantasia's brother Teeny in his spankin'-new crib, which was largely free of furniture but big on feng shui. He seemed all right, judging by the spacious abode, but he did admit to his auntie that even though he identifies himself as a music engineer, "technically, I still don't have a job."

The episode wraps up with Fantasia finally hitting the stage in London, after stressing over the news that ticket sales were sluggish. But when the soul singer did arrive onstage, she was greeted with a packed house of amped concertgoers who sang every word to her new track "Even Angels."

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