Lil Wayne's I Am Not A Human Being Now Full-Length Album

Manager says project will include songs once slated for Carter IV.

[artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] shouldn't have any trouble staying busy once he wraps up his jail bid in November. As soon as he's a free man, he's scheduled to hit the stage with a blow-out homecoming concert slated to coincide with the tentative release of his heavily-anticipated Tha Carter IV album.

However, before any of that jumps off, the MC is expected to drop even more music than originally promised on his upcoming project I Am Not A Human Being, which is scheduled to be released digitally on his birthday, September 27. Weezy's manager, Cortez Bryant, recently told that Human Being will be a full-length release, instead of an EP, featuring tracks that were initially slated for Carter IV. "I know once he got out [of jail] those songs would be so old to him," Bryant said.

Bryant also disclosed that Wayne has revisited one of his old habits while riding out his sentence. The MC has been penning new lyrics on paper instead of keeping his rhymes in head. "He hasn't written anything down since 2002 or 2003," Bryant said.

Weezy's manager also unveiled a 12-song tracklisting populated with features from Young Money/Cash Money artists such as Nicki Minaj, Drake, Jay Sean, Tyga, Lil Twist and Jae Millz.

In addition to the new Weezy music on the way, the unfinished video for the track "I Am Not a Human Being" recently hit the Internet. The trippy visual surprised many of the superstar MC's fans by showcasing some of Weezy's unique ink.

"The thing about this video, it was his concept to shoot the black light, 'cause that way the tats that he has, they glow in the dark. That's actually for real; that's not a camera trick or post-production," video director David Rousseau told MTV News. "The tattoos that he has on him when you put the black light on him, they glow in the dark. He came up with that idea. So really, the rest of the video was a springboard on that."

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