Shawty Lo Keeps ATL Projects Alive With Mixtape, Film, Book

'It's about my life when I was coming up in Bankhead, when I didn't have nothing,' he tells Mixtape Daily.

Monday's Main Pick

Street King: Shawty Lo

Holding It Down For: Bankhead

Mixtape: Bowen Homes Carlos

Real Spit: Shawty Lo will continue to salute his projects until the day he goes to that upper room. With his projects torn down by the city of Atlanta, Lo keeps the memory alive on his new mixtape, Bowen Homes Carlos.

"It's the good, the bad and the ugly," Shawty said about the Bowen projects being demolished. "Good thing is, there was a lot of murders going on in Bowen Homes. The crime rate was high. It's bad for the people who lived there and are unfortunate and do not have anything. There were no extra bills. Zero rent. Now they gotta get out there and try to make it. It's getting harder and harder these days."

Lo's BH movement is more than music. He's coming out with a documentary, a fragrance and a writing project.

"What makes this mixtape special, I got a DVD that comes with it. It's called 'Bowen Homes Carlos' also. So it's a visual that comes with this mix CD. I got a new cologne, Lo Seduction. It's for the fellas, but it could go unisex. I got the book 'BHC.' It's about my life when I was coming up in Bankhead, when I didn't have nothing, when I was unfortunate. My mother was on drugs, my daddy was elsewhere. I was raised by my grandmother. When she passed to cancer, that put me in the streets. I turned a negative into a positive. There's only one judge, and that's the man above. It feels good to be here. I must've done something right."

Joints to Check For

» "Birds." "Me, my man Gucci Mane and the Birdman are on that song," Lo said. "Two bosses with another boss. I really can't talk about birds on MTV. I'll just say pigeons, falcons, chickens. everything. Birds."

» "Tunnel Vision." "M.O.N.E.Y.!" the Atlanta native explained about what the song is about. "Money, man. M.O.N.E.Y. is all I see. I'm focused, man. Look at my eyes. Money. Mine is all I see."

» "Say Yeah" (featuring Snoop Dogg). "That track was brought to me by my homie CJ. When I did it, it sounded like a West Coast feel. So I got Uncle Snoop. He blessed me with a verse."

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