Fabolous Talks Soulja Boy Twitter Drama

'I know when I say things ... people may take it out of context,' Fab says on 'RapFix Live.'

[artist id="1164800"]Fabolous'[/artist] Twitter followers know that the sharp-tongued MC is not afraid to hit hard with his tweets. Fab is known for typing much-re-tweeted missives and sparking popular trending topics that go in on everything from pop-culture starlets to the foibles of everyday life. And as a lyricist known for his witty punch lines, the trials of his fellow hip-hop stars are rarely exempt from the e-teasing.

Recently, Fab and Soulja Boy got into some e-beef on the social-networking site after the Brooklyn rapper sent up the "Pretty Boy Swag" hitmaker's alleged dalliance with hip-hop groupie Kat Stacks. After Stacks released a video suggesting Soulja Boy had a coke problem, Fab referenced the drama in a freestyle, Soulja shot back on Twitter, and the two were embroiled in a social-media flap that played out in front of their millions of followers.

The rappers have since worked out their issues, and during his MTV News "RapFix Live" interview Thursday (September 16), Fab explained that he wanted to address Soulja's supposed threats before the barbs got out of hand.

"The only reason I really wanted to speak to him [was] because of the threats that was involved," Fab said. "If you threaten me or someone threaten you, when you see them, you're reacting off of the threat, probably. Then that could escalate into something else, which I really didn't want, because Soulja Boy is 19, 20 years old and I'm grown. It's nothing cool about that to me."

Fab, who said he "just was making light of [the Soulja Boy video] in a comedic way," didn't initially believe the young rapper was actually behind the viral vitriol.

"I never threatened him, and for him to make threats, I wanted to see if this was [really him]," Fab said. "I wasn't even sure if it was him at that point. I thought maybe somebody hacked his account. I just didn't know of that Soulja Boy."

Fab said he eventually explained to Soulja that the comments weren't personal; the Atlanta rapper was just a victim of pop-culture circumstance.

"He was saying that he had heard certain things and people were telling [him], 'Yo, Fab's going at you.' He had heard things before that I said and he thought ... maybe for some reason that I didn't like him," Fab said. "When I spoke to him I [was like], 'Personally, I don't have nothin' against you. It was more something of me just cracking jokes. If it happened to anybody, I would have been cracking jokes on them. It just happened to happen to you.' "

Although Fab maintained he didn't set out to personally upset anybody, he's aware of the effect his high-profile jabs may have. "I know when I say things ... as a grown man, people may take it out of context, and I have to deal with that accordingly."

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