Taylor Swift's VMA Ballad 'Innocent' Divides MTV Readers

'The song has a nice melody, but I'm starting to think that this was a little overdramatic,' one fan writes.

[artist id="2389485"]Taylor Swift[/artist] is known for using her real-life experiences as inspiration for her music, so when the singer took the VMA stage to debut her ballad "Innocent" — about someone who has briefly lost their way — the song of course left many thinking it was an ode to Kanye West. But MTV News readers are expressing mixed reactions to the track.

"I don't think that this song was put out there to humiliate Kanye," commenter Shana said. Calling the singer's performance "classy," Shana added that "Innocent" is a sign of Swift's maturity. "I don't think this song was showing any sign of Taylor not being able to move on. I think she wanted people to know that we're all human and she feels the same way about Kanye."

Another fan, Domi, said it wasn't fair that Swift is getting flak for indirectly addressing last year's event when Kanye did the same thing at the awards show: "All She Did Was Sing a Song. People Are Still Making Jokes About It. So If You're Going To Say Something About Her Letting It Go.. Make Sure You Talk AboutEveryone Else Who Has Also Failed To Do So. Or Risk Serious Hypocrisy."

Other fans thought the song was to be expected from an artist like Swift who is known for writing about the boys in her life who have done her wrong.

"I thought it was brilliant," Kekoa wrote. "They said it in her intro. Her music is taken out of the pages of her diary. I mean, did people honestly not see this coming? The song itself is so powerful. She's showing a maturity beyond her years."

But others weren't too pleased with the singer rehashing 2009's headline-making event.

"The song has a nice melody, but I'm starting to think that this was a little overdramatic," bxjam said.

Fan Dustin said he understood Swift's need to sing about her life experiences, but thought her performance intro — Swift replayed a montage of her now-infamous interruption — was just too much. "I get that she would write a song about the VMAs incident, but showing the clip of the incident from last year just made me smh," he said. "I mean it was last year for crying out loud, get over it."

Swift's "Innocent" drew criticism for its lyrical content, but also for another topic that had fans talking earlier this year: her vocal abilities.

"I don't have anything against the girl, but it seems like every time I see a Taylor Swift live performance she's unable to carry a tune 100 percent. She did OK this year, but she was undoubtedly off-key at several moments through her performance," Brian wrote.

Another MTV commenter said the country/pop star needs to move on. "Kanye did address his mistakes but he really rose above all that drama and proved, once again, his greatness. So, people think that Taylor showed maturity, but she really showed immaturity by even addressing it at all. Either way, both did great, let's move on."

Although Swift has yet to directly confirm that "Innocent" is about Kanye, she seemed intent on getting the song's message across. She took to her official website after the performance to post the song's official lyrics after high demand from fans.

"A lot of you have been asking about the lyrics to 'Innocent,' so here they are. Love, Taylor," she wrote.

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