50 Cent Explains G-Unit's LED-Lit Outfits At Jay-Z/Eminem Show

'Michael Jackson used to do that back in the day,' 50 says.

Welcome back to Tri-State Stadium Status [artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist]. The leader of the G-Unit hasn't been seen in a major stadium in his hometown area since Hot 97's 2004 Summer Jam at Giants Stadium, where he was involved in the infamous chair-throwing incident with some rivals from Queens.

For years, fans have missed Fif and the Unit at the annual mega-concert. Well, last night, the Unit returned in their entirety during Eminem and Jay-Z's Home and Home concert at Yankee Stadium. 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo appeared onstage together during the first of two stadium shows on two consecutive nights. Although later in the night, Drake and Jay-Z performed "Light Up," it was the collective from Queens who literally lit up onstage, not just with "I Get Money," "In Da Club" and "Beamer, Benz or Bentley" but with their illuminated clothes.

"It's at ease," 50 said about coming out as Eminem's special guest. The Unit also appeared at Jay and Shady's shows in Detroit at Comerica Park. "I'm at ease. Before it's time for us to go onstage, you're watching a cool 35 minutes of the building being torn apart. You come out, the pressure is not there. The excitement of you coming out in the middle of that, you see the audience. You see the whole thing changes. I knew what kind of event it was. I made my vocations. I had them put lights on us and do different things you probably would only see ... the last time I seen the LED lights was Chris Brown's performance. [We perform in] different styles of clothes. It's not like the suits he had on. Michael Jackson used to do that back in the day. So I just made it more hip-hop and brought that to the actual shows."

"It was crazy, man," Tony Yayo said about his crew's outfits. "Especially when the lights go off. LED lights on the jackets."

"It's fun," 50 chimed back in. "I'mma start doing different things performance-wise. Come outside of the box. Do different things that look like a show. Ninety percent of the time you're watching hip-hop, you see a guy sings a song where ... you can see him in that same outfit another day onstage. We can dress it up from time to time and do different things."

While Jay-Z brought out Drake, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Memphis Bleek and Chris Martin, Eminem's guests were G-Unit, D12 and Dr. Dre.

"Me and Em talked about the show," 50 said about his and Slim Shady's preliminary discussions prior to the Comerica shows. "I was like, 'What's the play? How you gonna do it?' He said, 'I'm thinking about Drake, B.o.B, maybe Dre.' I'm like, 'That's crazy.' I was saying Snoop. We needed to bring out Snoop. They reached out, but it didn't happen. There's a little politics as to why Snoop didn't make it back out there. In the future, they'll see us collaborating, doing different things."