Nicki Minaj Calls Drake Twitter Marriage 'Mischievous'

'Drake is just my little brother, and I kid with him all the time,' Minaj says.

Nicki Minaj promises there were no "Drickis" born in the 24 hours [article id="1646729"]she and Drake were "married."[/article] This past weekend, Nick called into Atlanta's Hot 107.9 and spoke to DJ Drama about a myriad of topics, including her recent Twitter marriage to (and [article id="1646738"]divorce from[/article]) her fellow Young Money rapper.

"Drake is just my little brother, and I kid with him all the time," said Nicki, who will be [article id="1647072"]performing at this year's VMA pre-show[/article]. "We were just being crazy. I think we were a little bit bored. There's really never a dull moment. I wouldn't say we were bored; I would say we were being mischievous.

"I was doing an interview, and every day, I see some things written about me that aren't true," she added. "I wanted to give the blogs a bit of payback and put my own story out."

When asked if she were still single, Nicki coyly answered, "I'm always single. I don't date boys. I don't like boys. It's true. I don't change. I think boys are yucky, and that's it. Nothing more to say."

When it comes to the kings of hip-hop, however, Minaj had plenty to say — especially when she's on a track with them. Nicki recently appeared on the [article id="1646722"]Kanye West/ Jay-Z collaboration "Monster,"[/article] which also guest-stars Rick Ross and Bon Iver. Minaj has gained a swell of support from fans who say she has the song's show-stealing verse.

"I've just been blessed to be on a song with two living legends. In my book, Jay and Kanye are icons, and I never in a billion years would have thought I would be on a song with one of them, let alone both of them," she said. "I'm happy people think I murdered the record. It just feels exciting to be a part of that collab. Seriously."

Nicki also revealed that she has moved to Los Angeles and is still hard at work on her debut LP, [article id="1647104"]Pink Friday.[/article] That means no days off — even on Labor Day.

"I know a lot is riding on this album," she said. "I wanna make everybody proud. There are some people that are rooting for me out there. I wanna go in."

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