Kings Of Leon Release Come Around Sundown Art, Track Listing

First single, 'Radioactive,' will premiere on band's website on Wednesday.

Though they faced scathing reviews from a pack of pigeons in St. Louis in July, most of the rest of the rock world is eagerly awaiting the fifth album from Kings of Leon. The wait is finally coming to an end, as Come Around Sundown is set to drop on October 19, with the first taste — a single called "Radioactive" — coming out next week.

"Radioactive" will see its video premiere on Kings of Leon's official website on Wednesday, September 8. It will then move to radio on Monday, September 13, and to iTunes the next day. As with most high-profile rock releases, two versions will be made available: the standard album as well as a deluxe edition that will include bonus tracks.

Come Around Sundown contains 13 tracks, several of which have been road-tested by the band during its summer tour. In keeping with tradition, the new Kings of Leon tunes unveiled on the tour combine bluesy, hard-rocking sensibilities with just the right amount of Americana twang (especially "Mary," which has quickly become a live staple). Meanwhile, the new single "Radioactive" is a fantastically kinetic uptempo rocker that features a giant sing-along chorus.

In addition to the track listing and single release dates, Kings of Leon also released the cover art to Come Around Sundown. It features a photo of a small island with a pair of palm trees at sunset. Shot from the sea, it's a warm, wistful image that serves the title of the album extremely well.

Kings of Leon's summer tour continues through September 25, when they will make up the Missouri show that they had to cut short because of pigeon droppings.

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