The Situation Hasn't Met 'Dancing With The Stars' Partner

'We might try to implement the fist-pumping for the first episode,' Karina Smirnoff tells MTV News.

While most of the other couples are already prepping for the upcoming season of "Dancing With the Stars," there are two dancers who have yet to even meet.

Karina Smirnoff and "Jersey Shore" star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino haven't even spoken to each other yet, but Smirnoff is sure they will have a lot to catch up on when he does eventually make it to rehearsals sometime later this month.

"I'm excited and nervous and I have all these weird emotions, but I'm mostly excited," Smirnoff told MTV News on Wednesday (September 1). "I think were literally the only couple who will only have about five days to get ready for the premiere on national television. Everyone else is going to have three and half weeks. We're gonna have maybe five days, so that part I'm very nervous about. I know I have to be very clever in the choreography, because five days is just not enough. Even if you're a professional dancer, it would be really, really tough to get ready. So we might try to implement the fist-pumping for the first episode."

Smirnoff joked that she thinks that the Situation's only dancing experience is in Seaside Heights nightclubs, so she knows it's going to take some creative solutions on her end to make him look like a professional dancer. "Once I meet him for the first time, whenever he's here, that would be literally the first time I see him [and] I speak to him [and] I have any kind of contact with him, so leading up to that, I will try to create, like, variations, little pieces of choreography," she explained. "It's trial and error."

And if fans think Sorrentino will just be showing up shirtless week after week, Smirnoff is hoping they can show a new side of the TV star. "I was thinking, again, it's all about seeing where his mind is. If that was up to me, we all know Mike as Mike 'The Situation' from 'Jersey Shore,' so I think it'd be nice to still have Mike as Mike that we know, but also show some more insight into him wearing a tuxedo, wearing something we've never seen. I hope we're able to give different sides of Mike.

"He looks like he's in great physical shape, and that's a plus and a minus," she said. "I don't know if Michael is ready, but he's going to be stretched out to his limits, physically speaking."

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