Soulja Boy Tell'em Plans 'Teenage Millionaire' Book

Covering his experiences in the music industry, book will be released in conjunction with Soulja Boy's album The DeAndre Way.

[artist id="2814953"]Soulja Boy Tell'em[/artist] has mastered the Internet and proven successful in the music industry, and now the "Pretty Boy Swag" rapper is set to try his hand at book publishing. The rapper plans to release a book called "Teenage Millionaire" in conjunction with his next album, The DeAndre Way, scheduled for release next month.

Soulja Boy told MTV News during his recent appearance on "RapFix Live," that his tome will be about his navigation through the music business.

"It talks about me making my first million dollars at 17 years old," Soulja Boy explained. "I talk about how my life changed. It talks about the music industry, everything I learned about the music industry — how I got into the music industry with my mind set, all the ins and outs that I go through. All the chapters break down my beliefs and what steps and methods I took to get in this position. I just go and break [them] down into detail. I just want all my fans to read it when my album drops and have a good read and feel where I'm coming from."

SB is currently enjoying the success of "Pretty Boy Swag," which rests at #12 on Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. The rapper is in Los Angeles this week to shoot the video for one of his next singles, "Blowing Kisses."

In July, Soulja Boy told MTV News that "Speakers Going Hammer" would be his next single. "Basically, it's all about the sound of the music," he said about the Boi-1da-produced track. "I got bars on this one. First verse, second verse, all bars, another anthem, as far as the hook. The hook is catchy. The video is gonna match the song perfect. And it's another hit."