Lady Gaga Redefines Pop: A VMA Cheat Sheet!

Since the 2009 VMAs, Gaga has become an international sensation.

With a whopping [article id="1644956"]13 nominations, Lady Gaga[/article] is bound to take home at least a Moonman or two when the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards go live September 12.

Since hitting the stage at last year's show, where she took home a prize, [article id="1621382"]hit the carpet with Kermit the Frog[/article], got [article id="1621395"]bloody onstage[/article] and had multiple [article id="1621501"]wardrobe changes, Gaga[/article] has established herself as one of the music industry's biggest stars, thanks to the success of her album The Fame and her love for her "little monsters."

Shortly after the VMAs last year, Gaga ditched a planned [article id="1622913"]tour with awards-show rabble-rouser Kanye West[/article], calling the decision "mutual" and opting to go on a solo outing instead. In November, she released The Fame Monster and the epic [article id="1626441"]"Video Phone" clip[/article], telling Beyoncé for the Hype Williams video: "I want to tribute you."

Around the same time in November, Gaga released her [article id="1625927"]VMA-nominated video for "Bad Romance."[/article] The eye-catching video, directed by Francis Lawrence, kicked off a string of Gaga videos that would leave fans' minds boggled and hungry for more Gaga-fied visuals.

In January, Gaga took home some Grammys and [article id="1642484"]performed at the show alongside piano-pop god Elton John[/article], wearing what looked like a planet to the event. That same month, [article id="1630614"]Gaga raised $500,000[/article] for Haitian earthquake relief.

In February, she teamed up with [article id="1631464"]Cyndi Lauper for the Viva Glam MAC campaign[/article] and then paid tribute to her late pal, fashion designer [article id="1631990"]Alexander McQueen, at the Brit Awards[/article].

March saw Gaga get very, very ambitious, with the release of her [article id="1633991"]massive video for "Telephone"[/article] with Beyoncé. And while the director, Jonas Åkerlund, said the clip had [article id="1634029"]nothing to do with "Kill Bill,"[/article] its Tarantino-esque touches certainly had fans watching over and over again.

[article id="1641026"]Lady Gaga hit the "American Idol" stage[/article] to perform her track "Alejandro," and in June, she released a video for the summer-friendly track, complete with Madonna references and a [article id="1641118"]Katy Perry beef[/article]. (The Perry beef was one of many in 2010; she also found herself criticized by Christina Aguilera, M.I.A. and Beatles fans.)

June also saw [article id="1644872"]Gaga acting out at baseball games[/article] and revealing that her [article id="1641989"]next album was basically done[/article]. She later debuted the new track [article id="1642484"]"You And I"[/article] at an Elton John benefit. While she may have the most Twitter followers, for a short time in July, [article id="1643829"]Justin Bieber had more YouTube streams[/article].

Which brings us to August, her 13 VMA noms, a [article id="1645535"]crowd-surfing good time at Lollapalooza[/article] and another new song, [article id="1646838"]"Living on the Radio."[/article]

This year, three of her tracks — "Bad Romance" and "Telephone" and "Video Phone" with Beyoncé — rule the VMA nominations. Which Moonmen will she win? More importantly, what will she wear? It's only a matter of time until we find out.

The 27th annual MTV Video Music Awards will be broadcast live from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on September 12 at 9 p.m. ET.